Studio You Me

The Collective

The creative women of Studio You Me are Kestie Lane and Hana Hakim. Their partnership is based on a mutual love of design, food, art and all things unique and obscure.

This love of design unites them yet they each bring unique strengths and their individual sense of style and confidence to the practice. Kestie and Hana met as colleagues many years ago and instantly forged a professional and personal friendship based on a mutual respect and shared design philosophy. This friendship is the basis of their business: a passion for everything design and their parallel aesthetic has made them great business partners.

Studio You Me is no ordinary interior design practice. Although they have a wide range of professional experience having worked on residential, workplace, hospitality and retail design, their portfolio extends beyond interior projects to graphic, event, urban, furniture and product design.

Kestie and Hana are supported by a talented network of collaborators and can meet the demands of any project. This network ensures that Studio You Me has the capacity and capability to deliver projects efficiently and cost effectively.

The Story

Life is too short to design anything less than extraordinary. Studio You Me are dedicated to creating original, considered and bold designs that reflect the nuance of each individual project.

Studio You Me value collaboration and enjoy taking their clients on a journey of inspiration and exploration. They are able to bring client briefs to life: from the functional requirements to the underlying personality of a project, creating enduring and intelligent design solutions. They work with their clients, expertly guiding and managing projects to achieve outcomes that exceed expectations.

The studio is built around an ethical philosophy that eschews the mass-produced for the custom crafted while prioritising and meeting the commercial realities of each project.

With their understanding of commercial parameters, diverse design experience and meticulous attention to detail, Studio You Me deliver crafted interiors and products that reflect the people who inhabit and use them. Studio You Me designs for a life less ordinary – spaces that intrigue the mind, excite the senses and comfort the soul.